Our Vision

To foster contributions to improving health and well-being throughout the world.

Our Mission

  • Promote the highest level of human subject protections through scientifically and ethically sound clinical research.
  • Continuously evolve our processes to exceed customer expectations while complying with regulations, legal and ethical requirements.
  • Collaborate with peers, regulators and the public in the interest of industry standards to ensure human research protections.

Our Promise

Chesapeake IRB provides the most effective and proven program to reduce study startup times, backed by auditable metrics.

Our Core Values

Our core values are an extension of our commitment to address all matters related to the protection of study participants:

  • Breakthrough innovation
  • Problem solving
  • Responsiveness
  • Careful listening

Chesapeake IRB brings together true knowledge leaders in the field of research and depth of expertise in IRB services for study initiation. Not merely providers of ethical review services, Chesapeake IRB provides a solid foundation on which stakeholders can confidently rely to solve problems and address all matters related to the protection of study participants.

Through careful listening and responsiveness, Chesapeake IRB facilitates the conduct of human research to the highest ethical standards and quality. We are experts at making strategic use of effective technology and continually advance the cutting edge of techniques, processes and perspectives in support of effective and efficient conduct of clinical research.