Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Services

Chesapeake IRB offers institutional biosafety committee services through our acquisition of Institutional Biosafety Corporation. We provide comprehensive review and oversight of clinical trials involving recombinant or synthetic DNA molecules, genetic engineering and gene therapy research.

IBC review and oversight are essential for mitigating risks to study participants and researchers conducting studies involving recombinant (rNA) or synthetic nucleic acid (sNA) molecules. Institutions and sites conducting NIH-funded studies or research involving rNA or sNA are required by federal regulation to have IBC oversight.

Privately sponsored studies routinely employ IBC services to enable them to qualify for NIH funding, supporting third-party regulatory requirements or simply for enhanced research safety oversight.

Work with Chesapeake IRB’s institutional biosafety team for:

  • Coordinated and efficient time-saving IBC and IRB reviews for all participating research sites
  • Industry-leading expertise to navigate a complex regulatory landscape
  • Flexible and comprehensive support of IBC administration and services
  • Global support for IBC services

Our IBC services team supports research and clinical trials involving:

  • Recombinant or synthetic DNA
  • Genetic engineering/gene therapy
  • Infectious microorganisms
  • Hazardous biological materials

Our services include:

IBC Setup and Registration

  • Establish local biosafety committee
  • Recruit and staff qualified personnel
  • Implement industry-leading laboratory safety procedures
  • Manage regulatory registration

Protocol Review and Approval

  • Review research protocols
  • Issue regulatory approvals
  • Provide ongoing monitoring and support

IBC Compliance and Management

  • Year-round compliance management
  • On-demand review services

Education, Training and Ops Consulting

  • Research staff training
  • Laboratory safety
  • Biohazard education
  • Protocol, SOPs, ICF consulting

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