Chesapeake IRB Announces IRB-Ready® Process

September 22, 2015

Columbia, Maryland September 21, 2015 – At Chesapeake IRB, we never forget that human research subjects and the world’s leading biotech, pharmaceutical and research organizations rely on us for smart communication, up-to-the minute reporting and proactive solutions. Today’s research challenges are unprecedented, and Chesapeake is continually transforming to meet them.

Research is often delayed due to difficulty with subject enrollment and site performance. Chesapeake IRB maintains an ongoing relationship with investigators regardless of whether they are currently conducting a study under our oversight.  Chesapeake IRB maintains contact, provides quality management support and registers information that enhances investigator opportunities for participation in clinical research studies. Providing a source of experienced and proven investigators results in faster enrollment.

We are excited to introduce our “IRB-Ready” approach, which further leverages our ongoing capabilities to promote investigator readiness and accelerate study start up.  Our cloud-based electronic IRB management platform, Center for IRB Intelligence (CIRBI) facilitates IRB-Ready process.  IRB-Ready reduces time for IRB approval of the total number of sites conducting a study to the time ordinarily needed to approve just one site. Investigators benefit from IRB Ready since once an investigator submits an application through Chesapeake IRB, his/her information will be maintained and ready for any subsequent submission resulting in better quality, less work, and faster review.

There is a powerful relationship between our company and all of the people touched by our work.  Our mission of building user friendly capacity for quality research improves the research enterprise for us all.

For additional information regarding Chesapeake IRB  and IRB-Ready, please contact:

Ruth Boulter,
Vice President, Business Development
(410) 884-2900