Getting your trial started on time and reaching a go/no-go decision quickly is essential to your study’s success. Chesapeake IRB’s people, process and platform help you conduct innovative, responsible clinical research regardless of the review volume. Our dedicated client services coordinators are your single point of contact, supporting regulatory efficiencies and client goals, by answering questions and providing real time updates and transparency.

Shorten Your Site Activation Timeline

Site activation can take up to two-thirds of your enrollment cycle. Often, this is where studies fall behind, but Chesapeake’s IRB-Ready® approach and CIRBI platform can cut your site activation time in half.

Improve Your Communication

Sharing and accessing information anytime, anywhere help you get work done, but not all IRB submission and review systems have those capabilities. CIRBI, our unique, fully electronic platform, provides secure, direct communication of critical information and a real-time view of the review process and status, keeping you connected and facilitating your work on the go.

Make Informed Decisions

Tracking your research sites’ performance and evaluating the key metrics that keep your project on schedule is a challenge. The CIRBI platform, however, is powered with real-time, electronic reporting to help you identify issues and make decisions that keep your trial moving.